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During the year 1999 the CPSP initiated a mega project to introduce Information Technology (IT) based medical education and procured and commissioned computing and networking resources for all its Departments in Karachi as well as its Regional Centers along with automation of their manual workflow. State-of-the-art branded servers were installed at the CPSP Karachi and its Regional Centers.

Servers provide policy-based resource sharing service. With the introduction of computers and the digitization process, operations of the College havegreatly improved. All departments of the CPSP Karachi are connected to a Network Operations Center (NOC) that enables Internet connectivity, Email communications, and sharing of files, folders and printers.

The Department

The Department of Information Technology was established by the CPSP in June 1999 with the initial objective of providing training on computer software applications to medical trainees. The Department was then located on the first floor of the Main Building and consisted of an I.T. Workshop.

An Information Technology Instructor conducted the I.T. workshops on computer usage, application software, Internet and E-mail. Since then the scope of the I.T. Department has greatly increased and it now includes a Network Operations Center (NOC), I.T. Workshop Unit, Management Information System (MIS) Unit, Web Development Unit and a Help Desk.

Security from hackers, viruses and other malicious code is assured. The NOC is the nerve center of the CPSP network backbone and it is from here that all I.T. services such as Internet, Intranet, E-mail andCentral Database Controlling are provided to computer users of the College.Video Conferencing facilities of the Department have proved to be convenient, efficient and time saving.

Reorganization of the Department

The Department was reorganized and will be further integrated sub section of IT department like Network Operations Center (NOC), I.T. Workshop Unit, Management Information System (MIS) Unit, Web Development Unit and a Help Desk Unit with all other departments through integrated MIS System to provide uninterrupted and prompt services to the CPSP community.

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