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College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan is the premier postgraduate medical institution of Pakistan. Established in 1962 through an act of parliament and by the untiring efforts of 50 eminent physicians of the then both wings of Pakistan under the visionary leadership of Gen. W. A Burki, Minister for health, Government of Pakistan. Charter of the college focused upon promotion of specialist medical practice through organization of postgraduate medical education, training and research.

CPSP has continuously strived for excellence in postgraduate medical education by developing and maintaining academic standards at the highest level. In order to develop and recommend academic standards and frameworks, the College has specialist faculties drawn from amongst the most eminent professors and specialists in various fields of medicine, surgery and dentistry. The specialist faculties with the assistance of the Department of Medical Education develop curricula for each specialty, criteria for accreditation and appointment of supervisors and examiners.

The CPSP over the years, has made great efforts to improve the quality of training particularly of its fellowship programs. It introduced Intermediate Module (IMM) comprising first two years of training followed by IMM examination so that the progress of the training could be assessed and timely corrective measures are taken. CPSP re-organized its programs on the basis of competencies and outcomes and invested heavily on Information Technology to develop its own system of electronic monitoring through CPSP E-logbook. Besides, CPSP conducts capacity building workshops for its residents in areas, though not directly related to the specialties, yet essential for the practice of all specialties. Similarly all specialists intending to become supervisors of CPSP training programs are required to attend a series of educational workshops. The assessment of training is finally conducted through a candidate friendly, but a robust system of examinations, steered by the experienced members of medical profession from within the country and abroad.

The efforts of the fellows and successive councils have helped the College in fetching world -wide recognition for its qualifications (73 fellowship and 22 membership programs). The CPSP with these achievements today assumes a distinguished and a prestigious position among the institutions of postgraduate medical education in the world.

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

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