“With greater economic development of Pakistan, we would be needing more specialists doctors to serve people all over country” – Mohd Zubair Umer, Governor Sindh 

"Comprehensive healthcare and not basic healthcare is birthright of all the people of Pakistan." –Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, President CPSP


Mr. Mohd Zubair Umer, Governor of Sindh; Chief Guest and Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry President CPSP addressing 52nd CPSP Convocation at Karachi

Mr. Mohd Zubair Umer, Governor Sindh and Chief Guest of 52nd CPSP Convocation at Karachi thanked College Council for having invited him at an institution which has amazed me. I am the Chancellor of all Universities of Sindh by virtue of being Governor, but have never came across a Postgraduate institution of Medical Sciences, whose degrees and diplomas are respected and recognised by the West. Governor Sindh, in his speech paid tributes firstly to all the graduating Fellows and Members of CPSP, and their parents and spouses who have taken such good care in upbringing their children and partners, who have attained such high qualifications.

Governor also expressed his commendation on the Democratic Management of CPSP, where all Fellows regularly elect and their elections are respected and implemented too. He expressed his amazement over the examinations of CPSP which is being participated by Foreign and Western Postgraduate Medical Specialists. Governor said he feels honoured to be among such elite of Medical Specialists of Pakistan. He informed that last night he was at a gathering where he was told that Pakistan’s Bankers and Doctors are the cream of society, which are internationally recognized and respected. Today, I am here to see and participate in these doctors Convocation. It gives me great pleasure to be here. Governor said that with the raising of economic level of Pakistan, we would be needing more and more such specialist doctors in the country.

Governor Awarded Gold Medal to Dr. Rabia Ali, who won Maj. Gen. Iftikhar Malik Gold Medal in Histopathology.

President CPSP, Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, in his welcome address, said that people of Pakistan deserve and need comprehensive healthcare which includes specialist healthcare from specialized medical manpower. He thanked Governor Sindh, the Chief Guest, for sparing time from his very busy schedule to bless the graduating Fellows and Members, who would be adding to the specialized medical manpower of the country. President CPSP invited attention of the guest to the term “Primary healthcare”, which hitherto meant medical treatment for mundane ailments, as it excluded treatment of complex diseases. The concept of primary care physician was that of first contact physician, supposed to provide treatment and coordinated care for all diseases, or in case he doesn’t have the facility, send the patient on a referral to appropriate facility and physician. Primary care should be considered to provide COMPREHENSIVE healthcare which should include specialist care too. It is the basic right of every person to get comprehensive medical care through primary care physician providing a link to continuum of healthcare delivery.

But Comprehensive healthcare, said Prof. Chaudhry, in every country, depends upon its ability to produce adequate number of competent specialized health professionals. This, thus becomes the joint responsibility of all the stakeholders of the country to make coordinated efforts towards provision of comprehensive healthcare for all the people of Pakistan. CPSP, as one of the stakeholders, has being doing and will continue to develop specialized medical manpower for the country. CPSP has by now, given the country over 20,000 Fellows (Consultants) and over 9,000 Members (specialists). During 2017 alone, CPSP has certified and admitted 1,621 Fellows (Consultants) and 295 Members (specialists), who would be getting their degrees and diplomas at 4 different Convocations to be held in 3 other cities of Pakistan besides Karachi.

Here at this component of Convocation, 330 Fellows (Consultants) and 90 Members (Specialists) are being awarded degrees, told the President. CPSP, while developing specialists, also develops the medical ethical values which include empathy, love, and compassion besides training them in their specializations. This, however, is a shared task and can be best done by collective efforts. Development of proper and update infrastructure, proper and adequate trainers and institutions is also a component of this task. 

CPSP at present has 22,638 Residents (trainees) in various stages at 274 institutions of which 64 are overseas with 3,412 supervisors (193 overseas included). All these institutions, within Pakistan or abroad, have been inspected and found to have capacity to train our residents in their respective disciplines, as they do have proper updated infrastructure and Faculty. The 3,412 supervisors, that CPSP has accredited, do meet the requirements of having at least 5 years teaching experience after post-graduation in their discipline and have participated in College developed mandatory workshops.

Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry said that he is confident that CPSP has trained and tested its resident not only in their medical specialization, but also imparted values of empathy, love for humanity, care and devoted attention to the ailing and to heal them in all parts of the Country. The qualifying Fellows and Members would not only serve the patients with energy and competence; but would also reach the remotest parts of country to extend their healing hand on all; rich and poor, illiterate and scholar, men and women, child and adult, city labourer and farmer in a village. They will, thus be serving the people and raising the flag of their Alma Mata higher by contributing in further improving the College standards.

Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, remarked that graduating specialists do occupy their central role who have to recognize their responsibility of their chosen profession which demands to not only serve to their best of ability, but also to keep themselves abreast with latest developments in their discipline too. The responsibility of supervisors who mentor the residents is also important, which they are performing without any additional monetary benefits.

Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry President, CPSP along with Maj. Gen. Salman Ali, Senior Vice President and Prof. Syed Khalid Ahmed Ashrafi, Treasurer, CPSP presenting College memento to Governor of Sindh Mr. Mohd Zubair Umer, who was Chief Guest of 52nd CPSP Convocation at Karachi.

these postgraduates are trained. These institutions need to be perpetually upgraded with latest gadgets, instrumentation and faculty too. CPSP, on its part has the policy of laying parameters of accreditation by visiting periodically and verifying the capacity of institutions in the light of residents placed with these institutions. CPSP has developed curricula and standards of training and monitoring of training and finally to conduct standardized, fair and transparent examinations.

President told that CPSP has played a leadership role in establishing postgraduate medical education and specialist practice in Pakistan ever since it was founded in 1962 by 50 Leading medical specialists of the then both wings of the country, led by Late Gen. Burki, who was the Founding President of CPSP. Medical education’s parameters and innovations, developed by CPSP faculties has helped both; postgraduate as well as under graduate medical education, told the President. We feel that our contribution in medical education is an additional contribution of CPSP which extends to all the medical institutions of the country. These contributions helped College get recognition of its qualifications and certifications in all parts of the World as comparable to those coming from leading institutions of developed World.

President CPSP told that during the last decade, number of graduating Consultants and Specialists has increased tremendously. To accommodate all those who have qualified during the last year, College is holding its Convocations at 4 different cities. At this Convocation, College will be awarding 330 Fellowships and 60 Memberships in medical and dentistry along with three memberships in Health Professions Education.

The College, told the President, is an autonomous body, which has developed strong systems which include:-

  1.  Autonomy
  2.  Democratic management
  3.  Financial self-reliance
  4.  Academic Linkages for evidence based learning
  5.  Continuous up-gradation

These policies and systems have facilitated CPSP to emerge as an institution whose qualifications are recognized and respected not only within Pakistan but abroad too. College has earned prestigious position in global community of Postgraduate Medical Education with linkages with Royal Colleges of U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australasia and institutions of PGME of Malaysia, China, Singapore, Thailand and other ASEAN countriesand secured international awards.

President remarked that establishing an institution is difficult but maintaining and furthering the institution needs much greater effort and energy, which the successive College Councils have put in by contributing their best. I am confident that incoming generation will take the flag of College still higher with their contributions. President told that Present Council is now focused in developing Model Teaching Hospitals which will also include a Postgraduate Nursing College. Among other challenges are to continue improving MCQ Bank of College, reaccreditation of institutions and units and developing appropriate parameters for Workplace Based Assessments for each specialty. CPSP is already confronting these challenges with appropriate responses.

President congratulate Dr. Rabia Ali who has earned Gold Medal in Histopathology. Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry also thanked the families and spouses of qualifying Fellows and Members, because without their support and help, these fellows and members could not have made it possible to acquire these very asking qualifications. Of course, the Fellows and Members who burnt their midnight oil to learn and serve are worthy of all the praise and have squarely met the high standards of Examinations set by CPSP thus qualifying an internationally accepted qualification.

He wished Fellows and Members best and asked them to go forth to serve. Earlier, the Academic Procession, led by College Registrar entered the Convocation Hall and National Anthem was played. The Chief Guest, besides awarding the Gold Medal, also awarded the Postgraduate MCPS in HPE to Drs. Zia Ul Islam, Sahar Zubair Abbasi and Habib Ullah Abbasi. Drs. Farah, Riaz Ahmed, Syed Muhammad Yassir Hussain were recipients of HCSM Memberships. All the Graduating Fellows and Members took Oath to serve the people to the best of their ability. A large number of Faculty members, spouses/family members of graduating Fellows and Members and other guests attended the serene and peaceful ceremony held at CPSP Lawns on 30th March 2018, which started at 9 am.