CPSP delegation visits Saudi Council for Health Specialties (SCFHS), KSA


 A view of revised MoU signed by The Secretary SCFHS and Senior Vice President, CPSP

A delegation of CPSP consisting of Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Senior Vice President, CPSP, Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Shafi, Director General International Relations, CPSP and Prof. Aamer Zaman Khan,  Councillor, CPSP paid a visit of Saudi Council for Health Specialities (SCFHS). The visit started from 22nd to 26th April, 2019.  The President on last moment could not lead due to other engagements so three members delegation visited KSA and had meeting with stake holders of SCFHS and fellows in Riyadh, Makka and Madina region.

Meetings with fellows of Riyadh region on 22nd April, 2019

The CPSP delegation had two meetings with fellows of Riyadh region. The meetings with representative of various specialities and regions were held on lunch & dinner. They had prepared minutes of previous meeting, follow up and feedback was discussed. The main points include:

  1. Proposal for the up-gradation to the post of consultant for fellows.
  2. Equivalence of FCPS with Ph.D by HEC.
  1. Reciprocity of training of FCPS with Saudi Board.
  2. Clinical examination in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Registration / Training of postgraduate residents considering training versus service posts.
  4. Online payment through E-portal.
  5. Online issuance of transcript through E-portal.
  6. Accreditation of institutions and supervisors for KSA already recognized by SCFHS.
  7. Arrangement of workshops for trainees and supervisors in KSA.
  8. Strengthening of Regional Centre in Riyadh and appointment of representative of CPSP.

All issues were discussed at length with questions and answer sessions. Around thirty fellows participated in dinner meeting and expressed their views for next day meeting with SCFHS.

The house unanimously nominated following fellows as members of local coordination committee.

Prof. Ghulam Ali Memon, Convener. Prof. Lubna, Dr. Mubashar and Dr. Abrar will help Prof. Memon. These names will be presented to the competent authority for proper notification subject to approval.

Meeting Secretary SCFHS on 23rd April, 2019

The SCFHS issued agenda and names of delegates on both sides. The Secretary SCFHS H.E. Prof. Ayman Abdo lead the Saudi delegation along with Mr. Saeed Alenezi, Director General of Collaboration Department, Dr. Fahad Alwahabi, Chief Executive Officer of Professional Practice Affaris, Dr. Ziad Nakshbandi, Chief Executive Officer of Academic Affairs and Dr. Fadi Munshi, Executive Director for Assessment.

The Secretary SCFHS welcomed the CPSP delegation followed by introduction of both sides. Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Senior Vice President, CPSP, thanked the Secretary SCFHS on behalf of President CPSP and Council and gave brief presentation on national and international updates of CPSP.

The agenda points were discussed one by one, starting from details CBME, quality training, electronic monitoring and transparent assessment with inclusion of WPBA, revalidation and reaccreditation of fellowship programs, training sites requesting to include in 1st category qualification of SCFHS regulation, with exemption of local assessment / examination and four years experience for appointment as Consultant. The SCFHS office bearers were very positive and the Secretary SCFHS said this is the right time to claim deserved position when they are going to revise regulations this year. He desired the recent updates of CPSP fellowship residency model comparing Saudi Board. Prof. Aamer Zaman Khan in consultation with Dr. Sirajul Haque Shaikh, Director, DME, will prepare the draft and after approval by the President will be sent to SCFHS for consideration / necessary modification in regulations.

Proposals were discussed about online verification of CPSP documents & transcript verification. They wished strengthening of their MCQ Bank and CPSP Controller of Examination / Director DME will further correspond on this issue.

Revised MoU:

They have already sent revised MoU to the President CPSP mainly focusing on strengthening of examination system at Riyadh. Both sides agreed in principle. The Secretary SCFHS signed the MoU whereas Senior Vice President, CPSP, put his initial sign to be finally signed by the President CPSP during current council meeting.

Invitation by CPSP: CPSP delegation extended an invitation to the Secretary SCFHS to grace the convocation of CPSP in September / October at his convenience which he graciously accepted. The Chief Controller of Examination will write to H.E Secretary SCFHS for Lahore Convocation to be held in October, 2019. Meanwhile the Programme Director / Examiners will also be invited to witness academic activities of the College. The names will be forwarded by the Secretary SCFHS. During discussion, issue of collaboration with individual institutions was discussed. It was proposed that collaboration be through SCFHS and CPSP and it was agreed upon. The meeting ended with presentation of souvenir and formal group photo and vote of thanks.

25th April, 2019: Meeting of Fellows at Makka Mukarrama The CPSP delegation had a meeting and feedback session with fellows working in Makkah / Jeddah regions. The fellows appreciated CPSP Council and their input on persistent follow-up and selection of issues and consideration of Consultant status as given in SCFHS regulations 2018.  The collective and individual issues were discussed and they proposed that clinical examination and training courses / workshops be conducted in KSA. They also suggested for regular visit and follow-up at level of CPSP. The meeting was coordinated by CPSP fellows, Dr. Rana Zahid & Dr. Zeeshan and participated by over twenty seven fellows of various specialities & regions.

Delegation of CPSP and SCFHS exchanging souvenirs