MCPS-HPE Program

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan is running a 2-year MCPS-HPE program which was initially launched as a 15-month diploma program in 2004, which gained strength and popularity over the years and was upgraded to college membership in 2009 with additional 9 months of educational research. The program has produced over a hundred medical educationists, who are playing a vital role in reforming medical education in the country; and has thereby created a new career pathway in academic medicine for the health professionals. The goal of the program is to prepare selected medical and dental graduates from different tiers and specialties for the leadership role in academic medicine. The MCPS-HPE course has a comprehensive content with flexible program, it equips its participants with necessary competencies for bringing about a socially acceptable and sustainable change in their parent institutions that could bring improvement in the quality of Health Professions Education. The program renders capacity building of its participants in all areas of medical education including: Educational Leadership, Adult Learning, Instructions, Assessment, Curriculum Development, Program Evaluation and Educational Research, and enables them to take appropriate decisions based on best available evidence.


The application will be submitted on-line as a soft copy and you are also required to send the printout of the form with the stated documents.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Medical or dental graduates with one year house job
  • Minimum two years of teaching experience after graduation or having worked in a Department of Medical Education for at least one year


All enquiries should be directed to: Program Coordinator MCPS-HPE, Department of Medical Education, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, 7th Central Street, D.H.A. Phase - ll, Karachi-75500., Tel: 021-99266436, 021-99266418 UAN: 111-606-606, Email: mcpshpe@cpsp.edu.pk, Website: www.cpsp.edu.pk