Pathology weekly educational meetings held at CPSP Headquarters Karachi & Regional Centres via video / zoom link in the month of August 2021

In the month of August Department of Pathology CPSP Karachi organized weekly educational meetings in two (02) disciplines of Pathology i.e., Histopathology and Microbiology / Infectious Diseases. Eleven (11) certificates of appreciation were sent to the facilitators participating in these meetings.


Histopathology 21st August 2021:

Prof. Dr. Shahid Pervez, AKU Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Rahma Rasheed, SIUT
  1. One year female presented with abdominal distension for 2 months. CT guided right renal mass biopsy
  2. Two year female: abdominal pain and palpable mass. CT scan shows 11 x 10.3 x 7 cm in dimensions. CT guided renal mass biopsy
Prof. Dr Naila Kayani , AKU

50   year old female , liver nodule , right lobe (Frozen Section)

Dr Amna Khursheed, LNH

An adnexal mass of 35 year old female was resected & submitted for histopathological evaluation. It measures approx. 12cm, intact capsule, and smooth outer surface. Cut surface show multiloculated cyst with papillary areas projecting from cyst lining.

Prof Dr Nadira Mamoon , Shifa International
  1. 32 year old male

Slowly expanding swelling left side of palate OPG reveals bone erosion with irregular margin

  1. 59 year old female
    Right Breast Mass IV b
    Left Breast Mass IV b
    Parotid swelling

    Core biopsies of breast lesions & FNA of parotid
Dr Zujajah Hameed, Shifa International
  1. 30 years old female underwent hysterectomy for menorrhagia and multiple uterine fibroids. On Gross examination a 6.0 x 6.0 cm tan yellow infiltrative mass identified
  2. 33 years old female, hysterectomy specimen. Gross examination showed a 5.2 x 4.5 polypidal hanging mass which is also infiltrating the myometrium
Dr Marium Hameed, Shaukat Khanum
  1. 50 Years Female Anterior Mediastinal mass
  2. 19 Year old Male Lung mass
DrAafia Qasim, Chuqtai Institute
  1. 26-year-old male with lesion right tibia. On MRI suspicion of infection versus malignancy.
  2. 15-year-old female with swelling left femur for past1 month. She is unable to move with history of weight loss. On xay lytic lesion with cortical destruction. MRI suggestive of infective etiology. Bone scan: Favors primary bone tumor, less likely to be an inflammatory bone pathology.
Microbiology/Infectious Diseases 28st August 2021
Prof. Dr. Afia Zafar---AKU

Welcome and Introduction

Prof. Dr. Afia Zafar and Dr Seema Irfan

Dr Fouzia Zeeshan Khan, DUHS
  • A patient came in emergency room with shortness of breath, cough and altered consciousness
  • He had a history of renal transplant one year back
  • Immunosuppressants???
  • Possible causes for this presentation
  • Which investigations???
Dr Hira Zafar Siddiqui, Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi

A 35 year old female admitted with complaints of epigastric pain for six months and jaundice for one month.

  • On examination patient was icteric with RUQ tenderness. Liver was palpable 2.5 cm below costal margin.
  • Liver enzymes and bilirubin were elevated.
  • CT scan abdomen showed multiple stones in the gall bladder and CBD.
  • ERCP was done and biliary stent was placed.