Functional Working

Directorate of National Residency Program

The Directorate of National Residency Program (DNRP). College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan was established to improve the organization and quality of all CPSP Residency Programs.

The Directorate:

  • Works closely with the CPSP Curriculum Committe, Examination Committee, Department of Medical Education, Information Technology (IT) Department, Examination Department and the Registrar's Office.
  • Collates necessary information regarding residents, supervisors, institutional directors, curricula, units, specialties, sub specialties and accredited institutions from Registration & Research Cell (R&RC), Information Technology (IT) Department and Advanced Skills Department.
  • Provides information to supervisors and Institutional Directors to facilitate understanding of basic themes and structure of effective Post Graduate Residency training programs.
  • Evaluates performance of supervisors, residents and institutions through on-line Performance Evaluation Report System that is used to generate quarterly reports.
  • Maintains records of Accreditaion and Re-Accreditation of CPSP Residency Training Institutes along with their residency positions by coordinating with Registrar's Department.
  • Coordinate with residents and supervisors to answer their queries and tries to resolve their issues. In due course of time, this should be through the concerned Institutional Director PGME.
  • Attend moots and resolve issues of the Faculties, supervisors, residents, various CPSP department heads and institution heads (Institutional Director) on a regional basis.
  • Keeps a record of the proceedings of moots related to the National Residency Program for perusal of President and Council and facilitates implementation of their approved recommendations.
  • Monitors e-log book & evaluations. It prepares quarterly reports from e-log book for feedback and case entries.
  • Maintains all records of performance reports of residents and supervisors in their data base.
  • Maintains records of policies, regulations, notifications and proposes necessary amendments to update the above.
  • Supports R&RC for induction of residents in accredited institutions, to update the vacant and filled residency program.

Functional Working of DNRP:

Induction System:

Update online record of residency positions in CPSP accredited institutions in the months of January and July.

Online Competency Monitoring System:

Update online competencies of Specialty Faculties of Fellowship and Membership Programs.

e-log Monitoring System:

e-portal monitoring of supervisors and residents performance.

Institutional Director PGME System / Tutor System:

An appropriate Supervisors would be nominated as tutors / Director/ Associate Dean PGME and would help resolve residents, supervisors, curricular implementation problems and maintain a bridge between supervisors, residents and the Directorate of National Residency Program (DNRP) of CPSP.

Help Desk:

Update online records of overseas CPSP registered supervisors, residents and institutions.

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