Department of Medical Education | DME

Faculties Unit

The CPSP offers Fellowship (FCPS) and Membership (MCPS) in almost every discipline of medical and dental sciences and Diploma (DCPS) in two non clinical disciplines.

Since its inception in 1962, the College has been seeking advice from experts in the related specialties in structuring all its educational programs. In 1989 the College Council formally constituted advisory bodies consisting of academicians, consultants and researchers known as “Expert Advisory Panels" (EAP) in each of the five major disciplines. The functions of these bodies were to help in developing curricula and training guides, identifying standards and criteria for accreditation, and deciding about the examination format and procedures.

The College Council in its 57th Meeting held on 30th June 1991 decided to enhance the scope of EAPs by re-constituting them as "Faculties." Each faculty to be responsible for developing academic structures and to advise the college on all academic matters related to the respective discipline, and to comprise of a Dean, a Secretary and 8-11 members, a Councilor member and co-opted members, if needed.

Workshop Management Unit

This unit is responsible for looking after the administrative aspects of organization and scheduling of workshops for the Trainees and Supervisors.

Evalution Unit

This unit has recently been added to facilitate evaluation of candidates’ feedback received on various examinations and the feedback of workshop participants so as to timely identify deficiencies and to take appropriate measures for improving their quality.

DME Faculty

Dr. Sirajul Haque Shaikh, Director & Associate Professor, DME

Dr. Syeda Kauser Ali, Dean, Medical Education

Prof. Dr. Aisha Mehnaz, Associate Dean, Medical Education

Dr. Ambreen Usmani, Program Director, MCPS HPE

Dr. Farah Ahmed, Associate Program Director, MCPS HCSM

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

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