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Q. What should a candidate do if he or she wants to appear in FCPS Part - I exam and don't Have Permanent House Job certificate/ Permanent PMDC / MBBS / BDS degrees?
Provisional permission may be given on submission of temporary house Job certificate / provisional PMDC Registration and Provisional certificate issued by the Medical College in lieu of Degree. However, the results of such candidates are given on submission of permanent certificates.
Q. What is the validity of FCPS - Part I?

A candidate can register with RTMC as an FCPS Part-II trainee if they begin their training within three years of passing the FCPS Part-I examination. If a candidate secures a training slot more than three years after passing the FCPS Part-I examination, they must obtain permission from the Competent Authority before registering with RTMC. In such cases, candidates should apply to the examinations department with their training joining letter. Once their application is processed, they will be allowed to register as FCPS Part-II trainees. 

FCPS Part- I will remain valid if the candidate pass IMM Examination (both theory and TOACS) in six consecutive attempts (availed or un-availed) starting from the completion of two years training. In all those subjects where IMM has not been started, the validity of Part I is determined by the old rules, as follows: a. For 4 - years programme the validity is 7 years b. For 5 years programme the validity is 8 years


Q. How to appear in FCPS Part-II exam without dissertation acceptance letter?
Dissertation acceptance letter is mandatory for appearing in FCPS Part - II examination.
Q. How many total number of elog entries are required for appearing in the examination?
Minimum approved entries required are 200, out of them 150 must be core training entries and 50 from rotational training entries. In case rotational entries are more then 50, they will not be taken towards core entries. All entries must be approved by the concerned Supervisors.
Q. Can a trainee appear in IMM exam without mandatory workshops?
Following workshops have to be attended within 18 months of commencement of training. The Research Methodology workshop within 6 months of commencement of training and before writing the synopsis. a. Introduction to Computer and Internet b. Research Methodology & Medical Writing c Communication Skills d. Primary Surgical Skills e. BLS for all trainees. f. ACLS for Anaesthesia / Cardiac Anaesthesia / Critical Care
Q. What are the approximate routine time required for processing following?

a. Degree in absentia (without attending convocation): 8 Weeks b. Verifications ECFMG/EPIC/Dataflow/Others: 1 week after completion of all requirements by the Fellow / Member c. Bonafide certificate: 1 week, after receipt of fee d. Verified Bonafide Certificate: 2 to 3 weeks e. IMM certificate: 3 to 4 weeks f. Equivalence certificate: It is issued by PMDC being a licensing body. g. Election letter: 1 week

Q. How many days before the examination the Admit Cards are dispatched to candidates?
Admit cards are dispatched 10 days before the examination date, however digital card is sent 4 to 6 days before exam.
Q. What the candidate can do if he or she didn't receive the admit card?
Those candidates who did not receive the hard copy of admit cards, can bring a copy of the admit card sent to them digitally, on the day of examination. On reaching the CPSP and contacting the examination staff, they will be issued duplicate copy of the admit card.
Q. How the name can be changed in FCPS / MCPS degree?
Name of a candidate will remain the same in FCPS / MCPS degree as entered in the MBBS/ BDS degrees.
Q. What are registration fee, convocation fee and absentia fee?

a) Registration Fee: On passing the final examination, all Fellows / Members are required to fill a Registration / oath form and deposit registration fee amounting to Rs 10500/= b) Convocation Fee: College does not charge any fee for attending the convocation. c) Absentia Fee. Fellows / members desirous to receive their degrees without attending the convocation are required to deposit Rs 15000/= as absentia fee.

These are presently implemented unless changed by the council.

Q. What is the policy for change of examination centre?
Depending upon the availability of space, centre can be changed by depositing the required fees.
Q. How to count attempts for FCPS Part II clinical examination?

On passing theory, a candidate is given three attempts to pass clinical in four consecutive examinations. However, it is mandatory to appear in the first clinical exam in which theory was passed. On absenting in the first clinical, one attempt is counted. Out of the remaining three consecutive examinations, candidates are allowed to skip one exam and choose any two exams for appearing in clinical.

Q. Is there any provision of recounting / rechecking marks in exams?
Candidates can apply for recounting of marks by paying fee Rs 2000/=. Rechecking of the paper is not done, only recounting of marks is done.
Q. What is the policy for grace marks?
Grace Marks are not permissible as per college policy.
Q. How a candidate can change his or her address, email, mob no?

Through his or her ePortal account.

Q. Is there any procedure for refund of fees?
The fees can be refunded as per the examination notification.
Q. I have completed my MRCOG in the UK. What exemptions can I receive if I want to pursue FCPS?

Since you have passed MRCOG from the UK, you may apply for an exemption from FCPS Part-I and a portion of the training. Your case will be forwarded to the College Council for approval. If approved by the Council, you will be allowed to complete a portion of the training and fulfill all related requirements (prescribed workshops, IMM Exam, maintaining a logbook, and writing a research article) to become eligible for the FCPS-II examination. 


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